Web3: App Stores in a Decentralized Internet

Lery PointDuJour

In a #decentralized internet there is the subject of #AppStores. Large #tech companies create #OS (operating systems) platforms to operate our devices. Several risk factors such as #hacking, #identity management and security lead these #platform owners to create App Stores to manage what lands on our devices thus App Stores play a central role in what software we have access to. Therein (and the 15% to 30% fee) creates the environment where the community will ultimately want an unrestricted, decentralized App Store but what will this mean?


One of the comforts an App Store provides is #security. When a #consumer wants to install software on their device on their own, there is very little distinction between malware, spyware and the app you actually want. App Stores provide a level security that few can match. Consumers are familiar with navigating the benchmarks required for an app to even make it into the App Store and even fewer consumers will be willing to give up this #partnership.

The Fee

Ongoing disputes between App Store owners and #AppDev community has seen many fronts. In one case the service fee has been lowered to 15% for the App Store to host the Apps made by software companies that rely on them touting a monopoly. Most consumers are unaware that any app can be installed on an OS such as #Android without the App Store but is done so without the blessing of #Google, i.e. at your own risk and so most consumers rely on the comfort of getting a blessed app from the App Store instead of going it alone. If there is a path around an App Store, can an App Store still be considered a monopoly?


The sum of all this is another channel where the community (App Dev) is asking for some part of the tech #ecosystem to be decentralized. Who has the expertise to manage these decentralized parts of #Web3 besides large tech companies? The quick answer would be the #government but they typically don’t get into this sort of work and perhaps shouldn’t. Next, it would be thru some new #regulation which may risk capped fees and limited #innovation. These are tough questions indeed.

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