Democracy and Disinformation

Lery PointDuJour

President #Obama gave an informative talk at #Stanford regarding how digital information affects the world and how tech companies play a role. Several quotes of mention can give an indication of how #government will (and has to) approach #tech companies in the aftermath of weaponized tech #platforms and #disinformation for gain.

"A lot of times this makes it impossible to tell the difference between, say, a peer-reviewed article by Dr. Anthony Fauci and a miracle cure being pitched by a huckster." - Barack Obama

Historically, Section 230, the applicable existing regulation which was designed for #telecom is what most reference for #social platforms. Lately, most have been calling for regulation that looks more like editorial #regulation such as what is in place for newspapers and television. In order to address this need, the United States is considering the Platform Accountability and Transparency Act and the European Union is crafting the Digital Services Act.

"Without clear rules on portability, strict privacy laws encourage companies to lock down data, refusing to share with others, to minimize regulatory risks." - Mark Zuckerberg

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