Effective Nimble Team vs Tank

Lery PointDuJour

War in #Ukraine has brought some surprising results. Brave, small nimble teams on the Ukraine side have been able to use technology to empower themselves to repel adversaries and even take out tanks. At #Amazon, Jeff #Bezos is rumored to only hold a team meeting with groups that can be fed with two pizzas because if the group is any larger, nothing will get done. Not with-standing the ability of one of the team members to eat half or a whole #pizza, could there be a shift in what can be done by a small team versus the feasibility of managing a large team?

Consider that #technology (including #ArtificialIntelligence) has enabled the individual to do so much more than can be imagined making collaboration possible across time zones, geography and language allowing a small team, large team or individuals to have a big impact.

A technology inspired toolbox has the power to enable small military teams in Ukraine to use #drones to take out tanks or give an online #influencer a reach across the globe. There are benefits to small teams such as moving fast, innovating quickly and less bureaucracy which lends to many instances of surprising success. Consider #Netflix entering the entertainment market, first as a small nimble #streaming service, able to innovate quickly and now standing as not just a streaming service but a notable production company rivaling any of the big production studios. At #Tesla, Elon #Musk encourages employees to go directly to the person who can help expedite their work regardless of level or title, challenging large groups and internal bureaucracy.

When the two pizza team are meeting, it brings an accountability to everyone. Presumably each team member has a chance to speak and/or participate in their way whether it be a presentation, analysis or status update. Each member on the two pizza team is able to walk away from the meeting with a clear set of objectives for themselves or perhaps their own separate two pizza team including #AI resources. Contrast the two pizza team with meetings involving a five pizza team (not ideal) where team members may not have a chance to speak, are buried in their phone or wondering why they were invited to the meeting. An effective, nimble two pizza team can spark innovation, move fast on objectives, reduce bureaucracy and even take out a tank.

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