Web3: #Metaverse… #Fortnite

Lery PointDuJour

Web3 is touting a decentralized internet that is even more connected thru virtual reality, augmented reality, esports, concerts and more but wait… isn’t that #Fortnite? A lot of gamers might say we already have the metaverse because in games like #fortnite by Epic, you can go to concerts, play games, dance, connect and more. We can perhaps think of open world games as first versions of the metaverse.

So while we consider games, what are the next steps to the metaverse?

Remember Web3 is decentralized, meaning the framework which makes up the metaverse is housed in many companies so this creates a space where many different entities can collaborate in virtual space with their different offerings such as:


The #AfroTechWorld Conference which has vendors in a virtual conference space allowing conference goers to casually browse the options before jumping into an experience from different companies much like you would in person.


#Facebook rebranding as #Meta and strengthening its #Oculus offering in anticipation of an integrated universe. #Microsoft building an “enterprise metaverse” or a metaverse for business.


In an online event, Epic Games released the next version of their Unreal Engine (extending their success in films and games) with specific features to power VR (Virtual Reality) in the metaverse. Epic, known for their collaborations, is also working with Sony and Lego for their metaverse plans.


Now imagine all these spaces connected (like in #readyplayerone) where your avatar goes with you into whatever experience you’re up for at the moment. Perhaps you start the day at the #afrotechworld conference, then you venture into a battle royal match in fortnite with the people you met at the conference, last you attend a virtual concert to finish the day without ever having to change out of your pajamas.

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