$1 Billion Disinformation Deterrent

Lery PointDuJour

Disinformation is still rampant according to over 90% of Americans. Sources for #disinformation include television, online content and more. The Harvard Business Review labels it a “war on reality” as some struggle to learn facts about things they care about.

Companies that allow posting of content (#data) will increasingly be leveraged to surveil this content by creating review and/or reporting mechanisms for questionable content. Even with a multitude of tools to track down and deal with content that is misleading, moderators and AI can only do so much. Deterrents are needed upfront otherwise data companies will be chasing problems with no end. With that in mind there was a huge deterrent recently to the tune of almost one billion dollars.

Podcast-er Alex Jones was fined $965 million for comments regarding Sandy Hook Elementary (wait... does Alex Jones have a billion dollars???).

Alex Jones ordered to pay $965 million for Sandy Hook lies

This is important for data companies because it suggests a precedent that the responsibility for content is not on the data company but rather on the entity sharing the questionable content. Important because a #podcast-er is responsible for their content whether they stay on a platform, move to another platform or start their own. This frees the platform to create the great digital products we know and love without the concern of a questionable podcast-er (or content poster) placing undue risk on their platform.

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