Indian Gov Bold Stance on Data

Lery PointDuJour

Countries around the world are forming laws regarding data privacy and data regulation. India has a unique perspective with its many tech hubs and a vast, mature tech culture. Two such laws are interesting to mention and give some insight as to what other countries might do.

First, is in cross-border data sharing. Similar proposals have been made around the world which basically give a government an opportunity to expand an inquiry, which involves data, into servers that may or may not be housed in said country. So if a tech company finds a favorable situation in host country, that company would still be required to follow some reporting framework back to requesting country in regards to requesting country's citizen.

Next, is the interesting stance regarding data logging. The Indian government enacted a law which requires companies to log user data, personal or not, for a period of five years, require a know-your-customer practices similar to finance and a time-frame of six hours to report data breaches.

In reference to logging, basically if something happens to you, it would be possible to look back thru your now very detailed data to see what caused it; this could be good but it could also be bad depending on who's mining the data (there was no mention of what can be done with the data once its collected i.e. restrictions on selling the data).

Its very interesting that a value was placed on data by giving it the same type of requirements that have long been in finance. Basically if someone is laundering money thru a bank, the bank is required to "know" about it (within reason). So if someone is abusing data, companies would be expected to detect and/or "know" about it (also within reason). This can be very good.

The Indian government is not done crafting its legal stance on data privacy. More innovation can be expected from a community with a vast, unique perspective on technology given its many practitioners and startups.


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