3 Must Haves in Data Degree Programs

Lery PointDuJour

While working on a degree that will lead to a career in #data, there are a few topics you want to look for ahead of starting. These are essential to keeping up with the constant advances and #innovation that happen in the data space. It’s important to be functional in a few of these areas to be able to fully explore your ideas and creativity when working on an #analysis, #Artificial #Intelligence project or #Machine #Learning effort.

1)     Extraction – Being able to extract data from a data source in some meaningful way is essential. Data can be sent to you in a file or be housed in a #database so being capable to extract this data into a usable format is that first step in your work.

2)     Formatting – After you have secured the data, next you’ll want to make adjustments based on what your goals are for your analysis. Perhaps you need to clean up the data fields or make sure all the dollar amounts are what you’re looking for, whatever the case this is a vital step to improve the accuracy of your analysis.

3)     Visualization – The fun part! Last is displaying the results in a presentable format. That columnar list will not go far with anyone so the expectation here is to create charts and graphs to tell a story that supports a conclusion or recommendation you’re proposing.  #Visualization is by far the most visible portion of this work so make sure you cover the basics when it’s time to approach your work.

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