Metaverse?: Game Publishers Collaborate on Avatars

Lery PointDuJour

Recently #Destiny 2 (a Massive Multiplayer Online game or #MMO) collaborated with #Fortnite (a #Battle #Royal style game) to have content from their counterpart present in their game. These are two huge game titles agreeing to collaborate, and why not; the content is most likely protected by some #IP and fans of either platform want different experiences.

Could collaborations such as these be a first step towards the #metaverse? If you believe that game publishers are most likely to create the first versions of the metaverse and one of the requirements will be game platform collaboration then you must want to pay attention to this.

Destiny 2 lands on Epic Games Store

A few of the major technical challenges of the metaverse have been solved by game publishers, however there are very few if any shared spaces where games collaborate especially on #avatars. Avatars may be a main focus in a shared spaces and poses more technical challenges to have sort of universal standard for avatars that works on most platforms. Being able to move from one experience to the next with the same avatar or perhaps a changing avatar thru some sort of digital transit station or lobby is not easy; there is currently no framework for it. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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