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It is a long held opinion amongst #nerds (scientists) that the military has the funding and drive for technology for many reasons. The war in #Ukraine has created an occasion to use the newest tech to help secure Ukraine’s future. In a follow up to the previous war #tech article, here are some of the few #technologies making a difference.


As part of their overall strategy, the Ukraine government is actively combating #misinformation in real-time. Messages stating falsehoods like Ukrainian desertion, chemical attacks within ones’ own country and bombing apartment buildings in ones’ own country are unfortunately everywhere. Such falsehoods may fester in the mind of the vulnerable and desperate, if not for the efforts of the Ukrainian government.


Elon Musk has repeatedly said Ukraine must win. #Starlink, a satellite internet service, has been deployed to Ukraine to help keep the internet available to all. Ukrainian infrastructure has been attacked since the early days as a way to fragment the people but so far has not been successful.


A huge difference is being made by #drones. The most effective teams are not guys in trucks or tanks but small teams equipped with advanced optics and drones. Perhaps because they are fast moving and agile, they are able to setup and deploy their capabilities rapidly while the large armored vehicles need time to maneuver.


#Cyberattacks have played a huge part in the strategy of both sides and even outside groups. State sponsored group's trade attacks on either side but a first may be that outside groups such as the famed “Anonymous” have joined the fight. #Anonymous claims they have successful breached the Russian central bank.

Alarm App

A Ukrainian tech company, Ajax Systems, has created the Alarm app which has four million downloads. Cold-war era air raid sirens are often the only early warning systems in Ukraine to give citizens time to take cover during an attack. The alarm app also alerts citizens of an attack and with more information such as the type of attack (chemical, nuclear, etc).

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