Policy Changes Directly Impact Data Management

Lery PointDuJour

An interesting by product of overturning #Roe v #Wade is the potential #legal jeopardy it poses to tech companies who previously thought nothing of the #health related activity data on their platforms.

The situation is that women who legally sought out information and/or visited a health clinic, for what may now be an illegal procedure, may have location or other data regarding that visit in their profile history. In extreme situations that data can be used as evidence to bring cases against those who participated or those who aided the participants. Google, for example, is proactively taking steps to mitigate the situation and remove such data from user profiles.

#Tech companies are yet again put in the middle of an unrelated non-tech policy issue. Much like misinformation(See Democracy and Disinformation ), tech companies are put in a place where they must have #surveillance in place to find dicey data to mitigate risk for themselves or their users. You have to wonder how far will this go? How much risk will be placed on tech platforms that are not involved in policy making but asked to surveil data and on some level mediate issues between #policy makers and users? #Regulation may place some of this responsibility back on the user. Regulation may also create processes that define how controversial data is handled by tech companies.

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