Hybrid Intelligence like Rosie

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The #Jetsons cartoon gave us an idea of #technology being embedded with us in our everyday lives. Steve Jobs put the #smartphone in our hands. What can we expect from the next wave of tech to change our way of working?

At work, many companies are trying to harness #tech as much as possible, leveraging #AI to make work easier, better, faster etc. The concerns from professionals who need to use this tech leads the conversation to the #terminator movie scenario of robots overthrowing humans, however over and over in test cases the ideal scenario is what #McKinsey describes as Hybrid Intelligence.

Humans, working along side, in concert, with technology and/or bots is the AI-Hybrid-Intelligence scenario of the future. #Ukrainians have been working along side #drones since the start of the war, using drones in a non-autonomous way, where humans guide major decisions. Server managers could not keep a close watch on network performance without the AI bots that alert them to anomalies. Let's not forget the person taking a nap while being driven by their #Telsa down the highway who probably should be awake. PMOs (Project Management Office) can use #blugic to bring AI alongside the work they manage.

Perhaps think of what technology is currently being used at work and imagine it being more functional and smarter, mix that with humans managing the effort, and you have Hybrid Intelligence.

Hybrid Intelligence by McKinsey Quantum Black

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