Tech Regulation for Kids

Lery PointDuJour

#California is considering a fine for #tech companies that make allegedly additive products that target kids. Years ago there was similar legislation for cigarette smoking which effectively tapered the tobacco industry into what it is today.

Who is responsible for kids and their devices?

The details are still forthcoming on this in the midst of separate research that has shown #social #media has an affect on mental health and has addictive features but this isn't exactly big tobacco. Social media is mostly free, easy to access on a device that parents should probably know whats happening on and also includes content their friends post. The difficulty facing #law makers are the black box algorithms that have been so prominent lately. #Algorithms that allege to choose what you see based on your interest and contain tech companies closely guarded secrets.

Tech companies are expected to pull out of California if this passes. The #risk is approximately $25,000 per violation, brought by individual parents, if a social #platform has an #addictive affect on a child. This could lead to endless #litigation for cases that may not even have merit which would force tech companies to settle just for these cases to go away.

Everyone agrees that something needs to be done. Perhaps a few more levers in the app, enhanced #parental controls or maybe restrict features for kids. Whatever the outcome looks like, no one is ready to give up their social media platform.

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