Data Personalization

Lery PointDuJour

At the recent #Adobe conference, an emphasis was placed on #personalization, but what does this mean to the consumer?

“Personalization involves taking customer data and figuring out how to provide the best experience possible to specific audience segments in real-time.” - What is personalization? | Adobe Glossary

Ad-based personalization has been in place for some time where you browse for toothpicks and later receive #ads for a wide range of dental products or you lend your phone to your pre-teen and get ads for their favorite pop star for the next month.

The next wave of personalization will be customized user experience on the front-end based on data that characterizes what the user is interested in. For example, a pharmaceutical company can get a tailored experience analyzing what is specific to pharmaceutical data in an experience that is tailored to the same. In this space a contextual search will assume pharmaceutical topics first to better serve the physicians using the software, providing content at a more detailed level that non-pharmaceutical community would otherwise be uninterested in.

Personalization will use #data and #AI to accomplish its goals. Professionals will have to be well versed in many disciplines to pull this off and the market is ready for it.

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