Digital Warfare & Weaponized Tech Platforms

Lery PointDuJour

#Misinformation as a weapon? #cyberwarfare at scale? Drones taking out tanks? This has to be the most technological war in history. #technology is being used to sway/reinforce opinion, #cyber attacks are being coupled with ground assaults and drones are holding their own.

A connected world means that even the most unassuming tech can be weaponized for good or otherwise. Should we be concerned about where this is going? What risk or liability does this present to tech companies?

In the absence of regulation, tech companies often suspend user accounts to protect the public. When a tech company unwittingly has their platform weaponized, what should be done? Actors are able to use these platforms to sway the community to their ideals and push their agenda. A weaponized platform has instantly become non-neutral at the expense of the platform without the platform taking some intervention. And so, platform managers tend to identify actors and suspend their accounts to protect the integrity of the platform.

Another factor is when platforms are used to launch cyber security attacks thru #malware and/or some other infiltration strategy. The risk platforms take on by allowing these actions to continue poses a great liability to platforms and their managers having to choose which accounts to target and which accounts to let foster.

Perhaps some sort of regulation can make an even playing field to alleviate platform managers from being caught in the middle of these unintended actions.

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